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Bonding tips and suggestions- Its the little things that get you
By: Shawn Sharp 2 Replies
Planning help needed with old implant
By: Pete Hoffman 9 Replies
Polishing Zirconium looks too pearlescent and shade looks nothing like shade tab.
By: Don Ratliff 14 Replies
Associate and lab bills
By: James Maholick 5 Replies
Final impression for bridge after extraction
By: James Maholick 2 Replies
glaze removal
By: Matt Herrington 8 Replies
Would you graft this area or ext tooth?
By: Sean Eschenbach 3 Replies
Good reason to take a CBCT on every RCT
By: Diwakar Kinra 6 Replies
Restarting Implant care
By: Zack Paukert 4 Replies
Adjacent Implant and Natural Tooth Crowns
By: Carmela LaFalce 3 Replies
2. Modern CAD Design - Splashtop
By: Robert Brown 2 Replies
Strategy to mill five crowns
By: Kelley Fisher 10 Replies
Clinical case with 3M Zirconia and 3M RelyX Universal
By: Mitchell Kim 1 Reply
Could "Endotracer" be a substitute to the "Munce Discovery Burs"?
By: JF Levesque
help with Maryland insertion axis
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Looking for help with a patient monitor for IV sedation
By: Ray Morse 9 Replies
Adjacent implant crowns using Tru abutment, split abutment design challenges
By: Clifton Cameron 2 Replies
PrimePrint Build Platform
By: Doug Smail 3 Replies
Malpractice moment - bone density medication and catestrophic implant failure
By: Thomas Kauffman 12 Replies
Mobile #21, need advice
By: Dmitry Merzon 4 Replies
CBCT and Cervical Lesions
By: Steven Hernandez 2 Replies
Looking for Advice/Just Venting
By: Kyle Dixon 28 Replies
CBCT and Digital Impression
By: Frank Emmert 7 Replies
Scanning Full arch Hybrids
By: Jeremy Lansford 1 Reply
Smile Design/Esthetics Course
By: Marie Huguelet 5 Replies
pt in chair wont mill
By: Kelley Fisher 9 Replies
Scanner sometimes chokes
By: David Moheban 16 Replies
Tessera vs Emax. Which is better?
By: David Moheban 12 Replies
Coppy and mirror, 9 &10. 9 is ok, 10 needs help?
By: Jonathan Nash 4 Replies
Speedfire Problems
By: Jeremiah Stoddard 5 Replies
Can you use a raft when printing NG's with Primeprint
By: Evan Kania 6 Replies
Socket preservation
By: Thomas Layton 8 Replies
Ossix Bone and Crestal Sinus Lift
By: Frank Emmert 3 Replies
By: Alberto Taylor 3 Replies
Clinical Camera Question
By: Evan Murrell 9 Replies
Help with Decision
By: Zack Paukert 7 Replies
Implant #19 with cantilever bridge (#20 pontic)
By: Ron Jarvis 6 Replies
DS vouchers
By: Dave Rossen 3 Replies
Help with design of malpositioned implant #7 with trubase ASC abutment -
By: Clifton Cameron 4 Replies
Implant crown proposal appears to have tibase floating
By: Narpat Jain 2 Replies
Where are you buying milling burs and blocks these days?
By: Jason Jeter
Evaluating a New Pt
By: Steven Hernandez
cant figure out whats wrong
By: Murad Rashid 2 Replies
Educate Yourself and Don't Be Surprised on What You Can Do!
By: Jonathan Ford 2 Replies
Need recommendation for dentist in Cleveland, OH
By: James Maholick 3 Replies
Use of biocopy for designing anterior crowns
By: Yuvika Raj Kumar 3 Replies
Demo Day for New User
By: Jeremiah Stoddard 13 Replies
Ortho extraction case. Tips?
By: Neil Johnson 7 Replies
veneers 6-11, sure smiles aligners, and communicating my treatment plan, need some advice!
By: Erich Ott 5 Replies