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Created Title
OCCLUSION OFF (after software update)
By: Mouhannad Almajdalani 5 Replies
crown margin is short of the abutment
By: Todd Briscoe 1 Reply
Tibase scan
By: Daniel Horn 4 Replies
Maryland Bridge
By: John Massey
Maryland bridge
By: John Massey 2 Replies
Help with First Cerec Guide
By: Russell Mann 7 Replies
Esthetic Prosthetic Planning Case
By: Steffen Lassen
Scanning with Biohorizons scan post
By: John Massey 6 Replies
Issues milling Maryland Bridge---bur
By: Tyler Jury 1 Reply
Anterior Zirconia
By: John Massey 8 Replies
Block showing too small
By: Casey Owen 6 Replies
whacky "edit base line"
By: John Acosta 2 Replies
Inlab Question
By: Zack Paukert
Cracked Tessera Crown after firing
By: Edward Chappelle Jr 4 Replies
Cannot Find "Restorative Axis" Option for #9 Abutment with Crown
By: Brody Goodwine 15 Replies
implant crown won't seat on Tibase
By: Brett Felton 3 Replies
Crowns " way too large"/ seating issue after last update
By: Karen Williamson 3 Replies
Scan Post creating height discrepancy on Implant crown design
By: Tyler Jury 4 Replies
Primeprint Splint Design Help
By: Matthew Harrison 4 Replies
Margin in manufacture different than design
By: Stacy Goodwill 3 Replies
#19 Implant on Hiossen Truabutment 2mm scanpost
By: Joe Ramellini 4 Replies
Pt in chair / implant crown and abutment design
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Temporary crown restorations
By: Nicholas Cakmes 7 Replies
7i implant design question
By: Matthew Ballinger 1 Reply
Splt Implant crown/abutment case
By: Jeffrey Clark 1 Reply
#8 & 9 trouble 🤷‍♂️
By: Evan Baker 1 Reply
9i abutment crown
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Please help: Struggling to get this to mill correctly
By: Grant Turner 1 Reply
missing data when moving from acquisition to model phase on the proximal contact #9
By: Jonathan Nash 2 Replies
Help w/ Core file from Atlantis, Milled Crown won't fit on the Abutment
By: Russell Jensen 7 Replies
Is this restorable with CEREC, and why the poor proposal?
By: Robert Murav 2 Replies
Crown proposal is missing on the mesial
By: Gregory Becker 3 Replies
Not all margins transferring Cerec to inlab
By: Darlenn Grace Ayan 16 Replies
Too Small Instrument Radius
By: Susie Watkins 3 Replies
Facial Contour Problems
By: Grant Nelson 3 Replies
Issues with bridge proposal
By: Jeff Papworth 1 Reply
how to get this file to connect
By: Katie Reuther 2 Replies
Implant crown help,#7
By: Matthew McCleery 2 Replies
restoring 8/9 implants w cement retained crowns
By: Vang Ly 1 Reply
Maryland bridge
By: Jeff Papworth 1 Reply
First implant case, take 2 (#4 and 5 screw-retained)
By: Kyle Shull 2 Replies
Patient in Chair - Maryland Bridge
By: Joseph Panteleo 6 Replies
virtual extraction, or is there a workaround?
By: Greg Moses 8 Replies
Help with Opposing Crowns
By: Robyn Call 2 Replies
Issues with bridge proposal
By: Jeff Papworth 2 Replies
Best Way to do Crowns on Opposing Arch at same time
By: Robyn Call 2 Replies
IP Address
By: Zack Paukert 1 Reply
bridge and veneers
By: Noah Ariola-Tirella
Patient in chair .. Bad proposal
By: Debra Carneol 4 Replies
First implant crown design
By: Kyle Shull