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Welcome to Your Anterior Esthetics with CEREC Workshop

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Course Description

Welcome to your Anterior Esthetics with CEREC Workshop. This short video will give you an introduction to your upcoming hands-on workshop with CDOCS. The video discusses what will be covered in class, both didactic and hands-on, as well as how to bring cases to the course for feedback. Also, under the RESOURCES tab, there are PDFs to download, which includes the Agenda, slides of the presentations and complete instructions to ALL the lab exercises that will be done on the two days with us.

So please watch the whole video, download the PDFs and get ready to expand your CEREC knowledge and learn how to make better use of the CEREC technology and the latest software. Thanks

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Title Download
Lecture Slides - Barsoum
Lecture Slides - Skramstad
Workshop Slides
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Anterior Esthetics with CEREC Workshop Agenda
Laboratory Handouts
Laboratory handout with all the exercises.


Meena Barsoum